Yard Study's

Once was a Baptist

I once was a Baptist

But now I’m a JEW

If you know YESHUA then

You are one too!

Adopted and grafted

Unbounded and free

The WAY is Messiah

His WAY is for me

From feast days to Sabbath

Commandments, All 10

We follow the Father’s ways

Not those of men.

This shows that we love Him

And sets us apart

Remember that Father does

Look on the heart

His blood makes us worthy

His death gives us life

Our precious YESHUA

The ONE Sacrifice

So now we can walk

Like the son always did

Obeying the Father

In all that He said.

I once was a Baptist

But now I’m a Jew

If you know YESHUA, then

You are one, too!!

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