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Did you ever think about how much water it took to water all of Eliazers camels (Avraham Servant)? Remember Rivkah gave him water and then ran back and forth to water his camels?

A camel can drink 30 gallons of water in 15 minutes when they are thirsty. Eliazer had 10 camels. That would be at minimum 300 gallons of water Rivkah would have brought from the well.

A servants heart she had! Mayim Kayim (Living Water) she brought them!

Remember how Avraham was when יחוח showed up after his circumcision?  

An “Avrahamic Hospitality” Rivkah had! 

Quick to serve the best to strangers! Foreigners

Just as Yeshua was with the Talmidim!

Eliazer (Avraham’s Servant) responded by bowing and praising Elohim! Thanking Elohim for HIS khesed ve’emet shown to Avraham! 

Khesed Ve’emet (kindness, goodness, and firm truth) underlies Elohims plan for redeeming mankind regardless of man’s unworthiness! 

(Gen 24:49, Exo 34:6, Num 14:18, Jer 30:11)

1Th 5:16 -18 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  in all circumstances give thanks, for this is the desire of Elohim in Messiah יהושע (Yeshua) for you.

Gen 24:64-65 And Rivkah lifted her eyes, and when she saw Itsakak she dismounted from her camel, and she had said to the servant, “Who is this man walking in the field to meet us?” And the servant said, “It is my master.” So she took a veil and covered herself.

This is how we will be when our bridegroom Yeshua comes for us! 

We will look up get off our camels and take our veils (Tallits) to cover ourselves! Think on this daily! 

Are we ready for the bridegroom? The question should be is Yeshua getting us ready for HIMSELF?  Are we allowing YA to drag us through this life in preparation for the Bridegroom to come and get us?  What is it we are doing in preparation for the wedding day?

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