So my day is going as planned. Dropped the FJ Cruiser off to the mechanics and walked to the closest Post Office to send some Fresh Roasted Coffee from  to Mamma T. While I am sheepishly standing outside the Post Office, because I was 15 minutes early from its opening, a man of similar age of Hispanic flare wearing a t-shirt proudly displaying Puerto Rico, walks into the post office. Yes the door was open and I didn’t even check to see if it was opened when I arrived. So I followed his direction and walked in as well to find another waiting in a line for the post office to open.

While standing there I mentioned I should have checked the door to see if it was opened and the man and I giggled together. I then asked him for advice on shipping my 4 lbs of coffee to Mamma T. He politely instructed me the best way to ship would be to use the boxes they provide. I noticed he was wearing a NAPA Auto Parts Racing cap and asked if he had watched to race yesterday. It was an amazing finish. Kyle Busch won while Kyle Larson was bumping him and causing each of them to slide around turn 3 and 4 to the finish line! Ok I digress!

marketing-man-person-communication.jpgThe man responded by saying “No, I did not. I took my wife out for a walk to help her recover from a knee surgery.” I responded: “Yes it takes a while for those to heal. And even many years later the knee will still act up. My wife had knee surgery many moons ago and still has issues occasionally.” He said: “Yes her surgery was 2 years ago. I keep her encouraged and get her out for walks as often as I can.” I responded by: “Praise Abba, for our wives.” He said: “Yes God is good.”

We exchange some small talk and then he proceeded to say: “Jesus is my everything, He provides all!” I then responded and said “Amein! You know what is amazing is HIS Hebrew name is ישׁוה (YESHUA). His eyes opened wide and then I proceeded to inform him that the literal translation of ישׁוה is SALVATION!” He then said loudly “Amein! He is my Salvation!” I just love these moments! Abba always provides these moments in my life when I wait for the right time to “Speak”

We then continued to talk about our wives and their surgeries and how we (Men) must always stay positive and encourage them through their recovery. No matter what, always lift them up for they are a gift to us from Abba.

Then the post office was open and he went to mail his package and I the same. During our small talk I had mentioned my truck was at Walts Automotive getting repaired and how Abba had gotten me here from WV with wheel bearings and cv joints blown out. I had planned to go get a coffee at at local coffee shop while I waited. After paying for the Fresh Roasted Coffee to be mailed to Mamma T, I proceeded to walk to the Cafe Kubal about 2 miles away. Moments later a car come screeching up and Louis was in the drivers seat hollering out the window “Do you want a ride! Ya has told me to come and give you a ride!” I accepted this small gift and discovered he is an electrician. I just happen to be looking for an electrician to run electric out to my little shed out back of the house I am living in these days! Can you believe it! HalleluYah!

So I say Every Moment Speak of HIM and HIS great Glory! For יהוה (YHWH) will always provide!

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