Thanks to Verizon Fios, Verizon Wireless, Apple iPhone and New Waverly TnT was been able to celebrate this nations birthday once again as a family!

Many of you know what Pappa T does for his full-time job and it often comes with sacrifice. I have seen much greater sacrifice from many who live and support this nation!

Mamma T and I often find ourselves in awe of the beauty in a simple fireworks display. It always brings joy to our families heart. The first time I new Mamma T was to be my bride we were singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game!” sharing an ice cream cone and watching a fireworks display after the game. It was a very special night for the two of us! Somehow I new she was to be my wife for the rest of my life!

Today sitting 1700 miles away I am still thankful Abba brought her into my life. HE has kept the fire burning in our hearts for one another. It has always been HIS desire for us to be “Echad” (One). Whenever we keep our eyes on HIM fireworks happen! We sit looking up in awe of HIS glory.

We have been over paid and under worked over the years. There is NO sacrifice to great for HIM who blessed us to share this “KHAI” (Life) as “Echad” (One).

May those who read this find the fireworks of joy exploding in your life as well!

Something I read yesterday from a mentor/friend: יהוה Yeshua be with you! And Shalom that comes through Obedience to Him!

Sounds huge but it really isn’t! If you truly Love יהוה Yeshua HaMashiak then it is not difficult to show Emunah (Do/Hear/Act Upon) through following His Mitzvah (Instructions)

This is the very thing many Soldiers did over the years to give us the opportunity to see this celebration of our nation’s birthday! They had Emunah in their leaders and did all the instructions given to them so their families could live in a country that is FREE!

Find Freedom and Shalom in יהוה Yeshua HaMashiak and celebrate with the fireworks that will be exploding in your heart!

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