So Mamma T is out in the Texas heat mowing our 1/2 Acre of grass today! She stopped to pick up some sticks and to her suprise she cannot stand straight as her back goes into spams!

Praise Abba, we have a 10 year old son who will step up to the plate! I’m afraid this is the price of parenthood, a little suffering for our child to learn how to be a man and take good care of his Mamma T.

I know JB will step up! He is an amazing young man already! Loves to bake and bring joy to people’s hearts! Check out his YouTube Channel! We have always called him or little joy giver! Those who know him can attest this is true!

So please join me in praying for my wife, helpmate and amazing mother to all 4 of our boys!

Heal us הוהי, and we shall be healed, save us, and we shall be saved, for You are our praise, and bring complete recovery for all our ailments. May it be Your will, הוהי, my Elohim, and the Elohim of my forefathers, that You quickly send a complete recovery from heaven, spiritual healing and physical healing to the patient Tamara Yard of Wayne Linquist among the other patients of Yisra’el, for You are Elohim, King, the faithful and compassionate healer. Blessed are You, O הוהי,   who   heals   the   sick   of   His   people   Yisra’el.

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