So I am beginning my travels through Syracuse and stopped at Cafe Kubal owned by Matt Godard. A young man who was inspired through a trip to Guatemala and began roasting coffee in his parents basement. Pretty amazing story! Love reading these kind of beginnings how Abba provides provision to those with a passion to help others.

So now I sit here drinking a pour over of Ethiopian Coffee. The barista was enthusiastic yet not informed about where the coffee comes from. I think it is important for baristas to know Who and where the coffee came from. I can imagine having multiple locations can be difficult to ensure all your workers are informed of the many people he / she is helping through that one cup of Joe they prepared for me today.

The coffee has been roasted to perfection. The blueberry just jumps out at you! I am humbled and would love to know what estate it comes from so I can try my hand at roasting it as well! The responsibility of preparing coffee is heavy when one understands who and how many people you have helped in drinking just one cup of Joe!

So be sure to hop over and order some fresh roasted coffee at and help some family who handpicked your coffee in the province of Sidamo!

Many blessings

Pappa T

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