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Something Mamma T brought to Pappa T to chew on this morning! Very interesting how we can easily fall into this trap! When Pappa T and Mamma T had their first date sitting at Pappa T’s table eating Meat Loaf, Pappa T looked over at Mamma T and said “If I ever find myself in the way of your worshiping YHWH (G_D), I must leave our relationship!” Looking back it seems a bit harsh for a first date! Pappa T only wanted to have YHWH to be the center of their relationship. You see Pappa T has made many mistakes in the past and ALL of them YHWH was not the center of ANY of them! Pappa T was always in the middle of all his mistakes.

Pappa T did not want Mamma T to become Pappa T’s mistake. Pappa T has learned we Cannot survive without YHWH in the center of ALL things.

Does this mean we have managed to do this our entire 20+ years of marriage! Absolutely not! We can say we have always pursued YHWH in All matters even in our own childish ways. Over the years we both have been challenged spiritually and have seen results in the physical world. YHWH has always lifted us up when we were down and has remained when we were up! HE is steadfast in HIS love, peace and joy! It is us who often fall short of returning the same to HIM!

As we approach HIS throne each day we must remind ourselves of HIS great mercy and adoration shown to us through HaBen YESHUA HaMashiakh! May all of us come to HIM in prayers with the same excitement, adorations and joy to be received into HIS HaMalkhut (The Kingdom) to bow and pray in HIS HOUSE which has been prepared for each of you!

How lovely are your tents, O Ya’akov, your dwelling places, O Yisra’el! But I, through your abundant kindness, I will enter your house, I will prostrate myself toward Your holy sanctuary in awe of You. (BaMidbar (Numbers) 24:5, Tehillah (Psalms) 5:8)

יהוה, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory resides. I will prostrate myself and bow down, and worship; I will kneel before יהוה my maker. (Tehillah (Psalms) 26:8, 95:6)

And as for me, יהוה, let my prayer come to you at an acceptable time; In your great mercy, Elohim, answer me with the truth of your salvation. ( Tehillah (Psalms) 69:14 )

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  1. Amein! We are not perfect but when we have Abba in our lives everyday we can be strong in every circumstance.


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