homefiresburningArmy life of an army wife. Just another duty.

For the majority of people who have never had to say goodbye to their mate for long periods of time, like we have as an army family,  they cannot fathom this journey. Though they may be able to appreciate the sacrifices we make in the cause of freedom, they do not know “HOW we do it”.

My husband has been in the army for most of our marriage.  We have moved almost as many times as there are anniversaries for us.  We have traveled the world, seen the sights, and made friends to include multiple separations, due to schools, trainings and deployments. But until our most recent move to Texas, we have not found ‘home’.  Unfortunately, home found us a few years too early.  There was one more PCS (permanent change of station) necessary before we could say good bye to this career.

As our roots here in our country acre have gone deep and strong, our friendships and relationships have also deepened and strengthened.  For all the unbearableness that living separate lives might entail, we believe we are to finish this next chapter with different addresses.

I will not explain this fully because I don’t need to.  We have many, many reasons.  It is right.  It is Abba’s will for us.  And with this in mind, our response becomes, “We are HIS sheep and the flock of HIS pasture.  Elohim made us and not we ourselves.”  He has penned us in just the right way, so that there is no other way to go.  He has moved one this way and one that way, for whatever purposes HE has in mind, for HIS Kingdom and for our good.  So, in HIS wisdom, and foresight, we say “YES, we WILL”.

It is very important to keep this mindset for me.  I cannot afford to look at my situation with the ‘worldly’ thought that thinks in the physical realm… My husband, my feelings, my losses, me, me, me, meeeeee!  Gloom! Dispair! and Agony on me!  (can’t ya just hear Hee-Haw?)  Might as well right a few country songs while I’m at it.  Then as the depression settles in I’ll need an escape so …. screech!!!! Stop the trolly!!! I am NOT GOING BACK to EGYPT!

If I truly believe my loving, compassionate Father in Heaven is in charge, completely SOVEREIGN over every thing there is, then how DARE I complain against what HE has set in motion.  Job, who had it MUCH worse than anyone on this earth, TRUSTED the Father.  He would NOT complain.  He would NOT curse God.  Yeshua, who bore my own sin and died instead of me, did not complain or back away from the task at hand, then how dare I shrink! I will not suffer as much as so many others have.  This is just an inconvenience and a long drawn out chapter.  But it’s not about me at all, really.

Abba, our Heavenly Father, has a plan.  It’s not about my comfort, or happiness, although he loves me enough to give me that pretty well, but there is something more at stake.  We won’t see that better until the other side of this time, when we look back and begin to understand the whys.

It’s SO easy to laps into the flesh and complain, to think that life’s not fair.  Boo Hoo!!! I don’t have time for that.  I don’t want pity. I want strength. I want affirmations and fellow warriors who come up along side me in the mighty armor of ELOHIM and stand with me! STAND!  Tell me, “YOU GOT THIS!”  Tell me, “I am praying for you, and Abba is HOLDING YOU UP!”  Tell me, “Let’s go to the House of Elohim and worship together!”

So no more pity, and no more commiserating.  It doesn’t help. Smile, hug me, text, call and hang with me.  Lets build Abba’s Kingdom together.  We need each other.

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