Creator of ALL Things!

Many of you may or may not know. Mamma T is a musician and she has been blessed with a talent that only comes from Elohim! I have posted a few new pieces she has put down on paper. We have been blessed to be surrounded by many others who Love יהוה with All their […]

Life at TnT Yard home! Where cats and dogs rest together!

How we school

We “Homeschool” our 10 yr old son. He has never been in any kind of public or private school.  I do not use a set curriculum or schedule.  Our method, like so many other homeschoolers, is tailored to meet the needs of our own child and is not focused on keeping up with a certain […]

Interesting History

So we live in Waverly TX and I have always been interested in the history of Waverly! This is interesting that a Polish Jews named Levi Meyer recruited many families from Poland to become indentured servants for the farmers in Waverly TX.

The home fires

Army life of an army wife. Just another duty. For the majority of people who have never had to say goodbye to their mate for long periods of time, like we have as an army family,  they cannot fathom this journey. Though they may be able to appreciate the sacrifices we make in the cause […]


Coffee roasting day at the Yards. My hubby is the BEST coffee roaster and I’m not just talking. The smell of roasting coffee coming out of the roast shack always tells me I’ll have a great cuppa soon. I know that whatever comes of this micro business we have begun, I am sure that at […]